Crazy for You
  • Drama
  • Senior
  • Sixth Form

“Crazy for You” is a musical that gets everyone smiling, and the cast certainly had its fair share of laughs during the rehearsal process. As the performance week loomed closer, all of the cast and crew’s efforts were put into making the final product something that we were really proud of. This of course would not have been possible without the endless hard work from Mrs James, Mrs Tate and Mr Donald as they whipped us into shape in order to make Mr Donald’s last musical at Hampton a success.

To play the role of Irene Roth I really had to step out of my comfort zone, which was made considerably easier by the costume and tech teams’ amazing work in creating the world of the show. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything ran smoothly during the rehearsals and performances, something that we are all extremely grateful for.

The LEH and Hampton joint musical is always a great opportunity to branch out to different year groups, and this year was no exception. On the final night of the show, I was not only sad to leave behind the hilarious and endearing story, but also the friendships created throughout the whole cast. I will no doubt be back to watch many of them steal the show in the years to come.

As my last musical at the school, “Crazy for You” was a perfect way to round up all of the fantastic theatrical opportunities that we are lucky enough to be offered, and I will remember it as a highlight of my time at LEH.

By Ella (UVIJ)