Yr 10 Physics Challenge….Accepted!
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Earlier this year, the girls of the LV stepped forward, brandishing their iPads, to take the online Year 10 Physics Challenge. This British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) competition is open to students aged 14 to 15 and consist of two 25 minute multiple choice papers (30 questions per paper).

The competition is designed to engage and challenge students by offering them a range of problems to solve. Our students were able to gain more marks by having a sound general knowledge of physics and a keen interest in practical work. Technical topics outside the syllabus were not covered, but they were asked to identify famous physicists from their pictures.

The questions were drawn from an assortment of topics: including Dynamics, Electricity, Optics, Heat, Units, Astronomy, and Waves. Some questions involved a process of elimination, some were general knowledge. Some were from the school curriculum – but it was more like a quiz than an exam.

The Physics Department were delighted to learn that Katherine (LVP), Ellen (LVS), Charlotte (LVQ), Sasha (LVS), Ella (LVS) and Zeta (LVQ) all earned Gold! Rachael (LVP), Yeeun (LVR), Helena (LVS), Ingrid (LVR), Ana (LVS) and Ridaa (LVQ) claimed Silver, Hannah (LVZ), and Ella (LVQ), Sophie (LVS), Rosa (LVS) and Kira (LVR) received Bronze. An outstanding performance!

By Mr Brittain – Teacher of Physics