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Directing the Sixth Form play has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience I have had at LEH. When I first undertook the role, I don’t think I was fully aware of the extent of responsibility that was required, and although at times I struggled, I am so grateful for everything it taught me. As difficult as the big decisions such as set and cast were, the smaller details were what took me most by surprise; even making a rehearsal schedule I found hard!  What drove me most however was my passion for the play. When I went to see ‘Yerma’ at the Young Vic, I found it really moving and it affected me so much that I felt compelled to realise it myself. To explore the play with the cast I had was such an honour. Each member of my cast came to rehearsals with an open mind and my approach of analysing the text to within an inch of its life was met with enthusiasm, although admittedly with some confusion too. At each rehearsal we spent a lot of time delving into what was going on behind the words, and what motivated the characters to say what they were saying. The play was a particularly hard choice because there were no stage directions- just the words the actors said, and so to discover the context of each scene and each sentence was very important. I was blessed with a group of six hugely talented actors who were able to portray characters, which should have been out of their depth, with an understanding and reality that took me by surprise at every rehearsal. By the end of the show week, I had watched our play more times than I would like to count, yet I felt as if I could sit through it that many times more. And so, if I were to give advice to a future director of the LEH Sixth Form play, it would be to choose a play that inspires and moves you, because if you do, although the process is tough, it will leave you wanting to do it all over again.

By Bella (UVIK) - Director of Sixth Form Play 2019 'Yerma'

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Cast and Director of Yerma