WWII Warden's Workshop 2020
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On 28th January, Form I pupils welcomed the “WWII Warden’s Workshop” and enjoyed a captivating educational workshop, which included role-play and sounds from WWII. Everyone had fun handling the WWII artefacts. Form I enjoyed the opportunity to wear different uniforms, learn about different types of gas masks and discover the duties that the Home Guard undertook. Thank you to Mrs Hurley and Mr Miller for helping to organise the workshop.

'On 28 January, there was a workshop for Form I where a man came in and told us about World War II. He told us a bit about it and then he asked us to come up and act out what happened. We were trying to act out them putting a bomb out of a lady’s house (most people were laughing because it was very funny). He told us about the air raid siren and the Anderson shelter and the gas mask rattle. We had loads of fun.' Ellie (IH)

'The WWII Workshop was great fun. I was one of the volunteers and I liked my job because I had to whack the door down with my fake hammer. I thought it was quite interesting but dangerous in those times. We learnt a lot of new things but most of it we knew. The gas masks looked cool. My favourite part was when the man said he was going to have a quiet word and eventually he spoke loudly, so it was not a quiet word! Some costumes were big for some people so they did not look smart, but it looked funny. I thought that was the best workshop I have ever been to in my life.' Ayla (IH)

'I really enjoyed the WW2 Workshop. It was very funny and I learnt a lot. Everyone in the class had an important role to help and protect the people. I was in charge; I also had to boss everyone around. I learnt how it would feel if I was a child and my dad left me and went to fight in the war. I also learnt how to get rid of a bomb. It was not too easy to tell everyone what to do, but in the end, we got the bomb in a bucket full of water. Many women had roles in WWII, like being a doctor. People even tried to crack the codes or messages that Germany were sending to each other. It must have been hard to be living during WW2. I hope there will never be a World War III!' Ishaani (IH)

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