WWII Wardens’ Workshop
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On 11th February Form I welcomed "WWII Wardens’ Workshop" to the Junior school. The girls and teachers enjoyed a captivating educational workshop which included role-play, thought provoking discussions, exploring artefacts and finished with the Lambeth Walk!

Form I pupils had the opportunity to wear examples of the different uniforms, learn about the various types of gas masks and find out about the jobs that the Home Guards undertook. During the workshop, they were able to listen to the powerful sound of an air raid siren going off and were encouraged to think about the experiences of the men, women and children during this time. They ended the workshop with a dance to the famous tune of " The Lambeth Walk" and heard how, through all these difficult times, the people of Britain worked as a community to look after each other and tried their best to keep their spirits up. A wonderful morning was had by all and we are sure it will help the girls remember the many facts of World War ll.

“Our WWII workshop was fun. It told us some interesting facts and the man was very funny. He showed us a baby gas mask and one that a child would wear. Everyone had a chance to act and some were firemen.” Annabel (IF)

 “There was a boy called Tommy who was sad because his parents had gone away and he was staying with Aunt Sally who was deaf. A fire bomb dropped on the house and Aunt Sally fell down. Their neighbour came to help. Then Bert the warden came to put out the fire bomb.” Isabella (IF)

“We had a chance to act out air raids and be soldiers in battle. My role was a fire fighter and I got to use an old fashioned water pump. I thought the visit was amazing and I learnt so much about World War II.” Aishnavi (IH)

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