Who will you compliment today?
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On 24th January, UIIE showcased their family assembly, which was great fun and included a few familiar faces from the staffroom! We enjoyed their entertaining sketches and poems together with great acting and beautiful singing on the theme of compliments – well done, UIIE, you were fantastic! Thank you to parents and relatives who came along to support and to Mrs Connor, Miss Black and Mr Estorninho for all their help and encouragement.

“This morning (National Compliment day), UIIE had their family assembly. It was amazing and everyone really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. The assembly included a number of performances such as songs, poems, dramas and dances. We based the assembly on giving others compliments, which was a wonderful start to the day. UIIE practised really hard and gave a fantastic performance. UIIE have set everyone across the school a challenge to give others a compliment. Who will you compliment today?”

By Japji (UIIE)

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