We're going to the Zoo!
  • Biology
  • Sixth Form

On 14th of June the Lower Sixth Biologists went on a trip to London Zoo, to support their learning about Ecosystems as part of their A level specification. As well as spending time looking at the animals, they attended a lecture in which they learnt how ZSL London Zoo (and other associated zoos) protect endangered animals (ex situ) and use captive breeding programmes to eventually reintroduce them into their natural habitats. They learnt how zoos work in collaboration with conservationists (who are trying to protect animals in the wild - in situ) and the valuable work that specialist vets have to do with them. They then continued their tour of the zoo,  enjoying the lovely weather, paying special attention to the animals’ conservation status, as defined by IUCN Red List; and the reasons why the animals are now threatened.

  • LEH Biology