Wellbeing Day 2019
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Wellbeing Day on 9th October provided pupils and staff with the opportunity to take a break from the usual routine and enjoy a fun packed day of activities. From yoga, Lego and circus skills to frisbee games and dog walking (to name but a few) there was something on offer for everyone to enjoy. Thank you to the girls for their energy and enthusiasm – we had lots of fun and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to discover new interests and hobbies throughout the day. A great deal of thought and preparation goes into Wellbeing Day and I would like to also say a special thank you to Mrs Yates and our amazing team of teachers and teaching assistants for making it all happen!

Wellbeing day is always a day to look forward to. You do lots of fun activities from outdoor games to mindful colouring. You dress up in mufti and you have set places to be so everything is organised. My favourite activity was meditating because we brought in pillows and got cosy in our blankets whilst there was a calm sound of the ocean in the background. Sophie (UIIE)

We had Wellbeing day so that we could be calm and relax and forget about all our troubles and worries. We did lots of fun calming actives such as meditation, Pilates, Lego, Mindful colouring and fun outdoor games and activities. We had such a great time and we all would love to have another day like this. Dharmini (UIIE) / Samaya (UIIE)

On Wednesday the whole school participated in Wellbeing day. A day where we all have a relaxing time in school where we do all sorts of fun activities. Mrs Bass, Mr Zuckert and Mrs Hide bought in their dogs. Nurse Lara brought her guinea pigs. Everyone had a fun, relaxing day. A big thank you to all the teachers for arranging this special day. Jahanvi (UIIE)

On Wellbeing day everyone had some fantastic activities and even a man came to teach us circus skills. Everyone including the teachers had loads of fun, the teachers even got manicures and massages! All together Wellbeing day was a success and a lot of fun! Theresa (UIIE)

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