LEH Students in Nice
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The trip was largely co-ordinated with the Alpha B language school in Nice and with them we took part in many fun activities and excursions. We took a day trip to Monaco with a boat trip across the harbour to see the luxury views, a tour of Nice itself, however, my favourite was the trip to the Fragonard Parfumerie in Eze followed by a short (hour and a half long) hike down a mountain!

As we had over 3 hours of lesson time each day, we saw a huge improvement in our French. The majority of the lessons were oral based and listening to our teacher talk proved very helpful, especially as we were taught French idioms and so we learnt how to speak the language like the French do daily. We all found that talking with our host families at meal time or listening to them speak to one another helped us pick up the language more and that our vocabulary and understanding of French had broadened by the time we left Nice.

We were given a lot of free time and freedom to really explore Nice. On the Wednesday after lessons we were given the afternoon to do what we chose and so some people went to a museum, some went to the cinema and a lot of people went to the beach. In the evenings after dinner we were allowed out with our friends so many of us would meet up to get a crêpe or an ice cream. This gave us a good opportunity to familiarize ourselves with Nice and learn our way around the city. Overall the trip was a great opportunity and we all really enjoyed it, the weather was amazing every day and it felt like an extension of summer.

The host families were so welcoming and lovely and many of us felt that was one of the highlights of the trip; sitting at dinner talking with the other language students staying in the home as well as the ‘parents.’

We would all love to thank Madame Murray and Sister Brew for organising such a wonderful trip - it will remain a great LEH memory.

By Anjali (LVIB) and Ella (LVIG)

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LEH Students in Nice
View of Nice harbour
LEH Students in Nice
LEH Students in Nice