UIV at The Tate Britain
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On 2nd May, UIV art students went to the Tate Britain for a day trip. We visited the permanent exhibition and the Van Gogh exhibition.

We were tasked with booklets made by our amazing art teachers that included a ranges of tasks including studying an archway, different styles of painting, and modern sculptures. We were allowed to travel anywhere in the gallery, which meant that everyone’s booklets were varied in content. This freedom gave us a chance to feel independent and research the art that we were particularly interested in.

The temporary Van Gogh exhibition called ‘Van Gogh and Britain’ was insightful and informative. It gave an understanding of Van Gogh’s life and art. We particularly enjoyed his ‘Starry Night Over the Rhône’, because it portrayed such nuance in emotion and such a peaceful atmosphere. His paintings were incredible to see up close - it was totally different to just seeing images online or in books.

The trip inspired us to use different techniques in our own work, and was a genuinely fun and interesting day to partake in.

By Sasha and Josephine (UIVM)

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