UII go back to the Stone Age
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On 7th October, UII had a fabulous day out at Butser Ancient Farm, an interesting site which features archaeological reconstructions of ancient buildings from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Roman Britain and the Anglo-Saxon period. UII enjoyed the opportunity to explore the site, learn about the different periods in history and take part in a whole range of interesting activities including jewellery making, chalk drawing and pottery.


When UII went to Buster Farm, we lived life like Celts. We carved patterns from chalk and we made jewellery. We also made some pots. It was really fun. Thank you to all the teachers and parents who came with us. Annam (UIIE)

Butser Farm was an amazing trip and it really showed how life was all those years ago. We did chalk carving and pottery and many more fun and exciting activities. It was such a treat to visit the farm and I would definitely go again. Rojia (UIIE)

Butser Farm is an open air museum on prehistoric life. It was very interesting seeing how the people who lived in the Iron Age, the Bronze Age and the Stone Age supposedly made jewellery, houses, chalk decorations and pottery. We did all of these activities and came back with some trinkets of our own. Charlotte (UIIE)

We made some beautiful pieces of jewellery. We also helped them with an experiment by helping them making a mixture to make Iron Age roundhouse walls. We carved on chalk and rubbed leaves on the chalk which gave off a green colour. We also made some stunning pottery out of mud and water. We had an amazing experience. Ananya (UIIE)