UII Bikeability Week
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During the Spring term, all members of year 6 participated in ‘Bikeability’, an initiative run by Richmond Council.  The girls were lucky to have beautiful warm weather while they enjoyed all the benefits cycling has to offer and develop their practical skills.   Everyone, regardless of ability joined in with some developing the basic skills of balance and control while others learnt about how to cycle safely on the local roads.  They learnt skills including how to recognise typical hazards, indicating and passing vehicles. They all thoroughly enjoyed the week and are excited to practise the new skills they learned. 

By Mrs Walker - Director of Studies (Junior School)


This week in UII we have been learning about cycling safely on the roads. At the beginning of each session, we discussed the cycling theory. Then outside, in some lovely sunshine, we developed our skills in signalling correctly, L-Turns and U-Turns and passing junctions carefully. We learnt a lot from a variety of situations and challenges. It was a great experience and huge fun!


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