UI visit to the Kingston Museum
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“On Monday UI went on a school trip to Kingston. We visited All Saints Church and learnt about the Anglo-Saxon king, King Athelstan. On the way to Kingston Museum, we passed the Coronation Stone, which is thought to be where seven Anglo-Saxon kings were crowned. A lady named Charlotte guided us around and showed us a real Saxon boat which someone found in the mud at the bottom of the River Thames. Then we saw three ginormous mammoth teeth and the skeleton of an Anglo-Saxon man! We really had an interesting trip and learnt a lot!” Rosy (UIH)

“Kingston Museum was absolutely stunning. When you went inside you just knew that it was going to be fabulous. We learned about a long boat from the Saxon times. It would have rotted away, but it was carefully preserved under the River Thames. I think everyone’s favourite bit was seeing all the Saxon things, including a scorched pot and heavy helmet. Once we learnt all the amazing facts, we had a scrumptious packed lunch – yum! In the church, we all dressed up as nobles, peasants, guards, kings and bishops. Finally, we decorated a crown and said goodbye. What an amazing trip, it was absolutely fantastic.” Kitty (UIE)

“Kingston Museum was an amazing experience because we actually saw a skeleton dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. The curators believe that he lived to the age of 20, which was the average age back then. We were also able to hold items that they used for every day such as a hair comb, a ring, a cooking bowl, a shield and a helmet. I am quite surprised how we still have objects that are over 1000 years old.” Maud (UIH)

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