U2 Production Week
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U2 pupils participated in a very exciting Production Week, making use of the Jane Ross Theatre in the Senior School as well as in and around the Junior School filming scenes for their film of 'Alice through the Looking Glass'.

Thank you to Miss Shepherd, Mrs Evans, Mrs Cowin, Mr Whitehead and the Upper 2 teachers for all their hard work. Thank you also to the U2 girls who have all been simply fantastic. Well done, everyone, what a wonderful team effort! We look forward to the film première later this term. Watch this space...

Reflections on the week

The U2 Production has been a whirlwind of a week. It has been very exciting and busy with all the costumes, dances and songs. We filmed in lots of different locations for the film, such as the field, the theatre stage, the teepee and others. This has been a fantastic experience for all of us. - Vibha (U2)

The costumes were so detailed and the accessories and props were amazing on set. The experience was very cool. - Serena (U2)

Production this year has been very different to our 2019 production. We have had so much fun with filming and recording, and all the amazing costumes we got to wear. - Anya (U2)

Production week has been so exciting yet jam packed full of things to do. Even if you weren’t being filmed there was constantly something to be getting on with! Props and costumes were all cleverly made to add to the already surreal play. The songs and dances were as exciting as everything else. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!  - Annie (U2)

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