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U2 enjoyed a super (and rain free) day out at Go Ape in Alice Holt Forest near Farnham in May. The U2 girls threw themselves into the activities on offer and had a fantastic time taking part in team building activities on the ground and challenging themselves on the ‘Treetop Adventure’ and ‘Treetop Adventure Plus’ courses. They were an absolute pleasure to take out as they behaved beautifully, were kind and encouraging to one another and did not moan or complain once. Well done U2. You are wonderful!

Mrs Hide - U2 Form Teacher

Here is what U2 had to say about the trip:

This trip was so fun because of so many things. Iqra, Scarlett and I did a challenge where we did the whole treetop adventure with no hands! We fell off a lot but luckily the harness was there, and we just dangled there in the air. Not only was Go Ape fun but the other activities too - including leaky pipes, a game where you pour water in a pipe with holes -and a game called Lava, it is basically like the floor is lava. - Megan (U2)

Go Ape was really fun and we did lots of games. We also did the adventure courses. Everyone found the activities really fun. Most people finished all of the courses up the treetops and some people managed to have a few more turns within the hour. We all received certificates at the end. The best part for most people was the zip wires at the end of each course. - Chloe (U2)

On Wednesday 26th May, U2 went on a delightfully fun trip to Go Ape. We had many enjoyable activities but my personal favourite was climbing the obstacle course and whizzing down the zip wires. We were wearing harnesses and felt secure the whole time. I loved climbing across the course with no hands. It was so much fun! I loved this trip and I hope that we can go again! - Iqra (U2)

On Wednesday 26th May the Upper 2s went on a trip to Go Ape! We went on the coach to the Farnham Go Ape. We did gorilla games which consisted of the:

The floor is lava to collect plastic food from a basket. A game where you will get a card with an animal on it and you had to organise yourself with loudest to quietest without telling you what you are instead you had to act what you where or make the noise of the animal you are.

We also went on all the courses we had a very good time! There were 4 courses, and we were restricted by 1 hour, but it didn’t matter we had a bucketful of fun and had the best of day and at the end of the day we had had learn two new skills teamwork, communication.- Manojña (U2)

On the 26th of May the whole family of U2 visited Go Ape. We all had a bucketful of fun and learnt a bunch of new skills, for example teamwork, kindness and how to communicate collaboratively together. These skills are so important in life and will really help us. We had an amazing time climbing up in trees on obstacle courses (we were harnessed don’t worry), some were harder than others and some really easy, but both brought enjoyment to the U2 girls. After our exciting trip we relaxed and talked on the way back to our school LEH. - Uma (U2)

Go Ape was a very nerve-racking experience as I had never done it before, however, it was also such an exhilarating feeling being so high up and once I had got the hang of it, I was having so much fun! The team building was great for working together and I especially liked the floor is lava game where we all had to collaborate to get to the other side. Overall, this was an excellent experience! - Annie (U2)

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