U11 Mix up Netball Tournament
  • Junior
  • Sport

On 20th November, UII took part in the mix up netball tournament. We were divided into different teams - yellow, green, blue and red. It was a fantastic game and we all played amazingly although the weather was freezing cold. Unfortunately, it was not a very long match and it was all over very quickly. The scores summed up were blue in 4th place, red in 3rd with 5 goals, 2nd was yellow with 6 goals and finally green coming 1st with 16 goals. Very kindly, Miss Dunkley, Mrs Harding and Mrs Sehgal, arranged for hot chocolate for us as a reward. Soon our cups were polished, and we set off home. Once again, a very big thank you to all our players, Miss Dunkley, Mrs Sehgal and Mrs Harding.

By Jahanvi (UIIE)