U1 at Marwell Zoo
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U1 had the most fantastic day at Marwell Zoo on 19th May. They started the day with consolidating their knowledge on the importance of the Rainforest, in which they were lucky enough to glimpse the amazing two toed sloth that resides in the Tropical House! They then stopped for lunch in the glorious sunshine, made daisy chains and played that old fashioned favourite, Duck, Duck, Goose!

As they made their way around the fields, it was a joy to see the girls connecting with nature and 'aww' and 'ahh' over the many cute, furry animals. One of the highlights had to be the majestic giraffes, which came bounding in gracefully for their dinner, allowing the girls to be super close and therefore able to appreciate the sheer enormity of these wonderful creatures. It was a pleasure to take the girls out on our first trip in a very long time!

Mrs Frampton -  U1 Form Teacher

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