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The sky was a dazzling blue, the wind was blowing in my ears and I was dangling 10 metres up in the air. Suddenly I pulled a white string and I was swooshing off, my partner Holly was screaming wildly in my ear, and we were being flung up into the air before flying back down. Where were we? PGL Liddington, of course!

By going to PGL, we were given the fabulous opportunities to meet new girls and take part in a variety of challenging activities. On the first day, we had a kick start with a giant zip-wire. At ten metres in the air – (and a harness giving you a painful wedgie) - all you could do was jump. I found myself gliding through the air but at the same time screaming my head off! After this, next we had the ‘lake challenges’: we had to build rafts out of barrels and rope and attempt to float. Unfortunately, we all fell into the freezing water (probably because the other groups were pushing our raft!), meaning we all got drenched. We went off to lunch still in high spirits, if a little soggy, then went to do the ‘crate challenge’: a difficult task when you have to stack crates while three girls are climbing on top. And then it collapses and you’re left hanging helplessly in the air! Canoeing came next – we got into pairs, climbed into the canoe and were then shoved off into the lake to attempt to stay afloat. Luckily no one got wet this time!

The next day we had the ‘challenge course’ - a giant adventure playground with tricky but fun activities! Abseiling was the next activity: we got all harnessed up, went to the top of a tower and then we had to lean back and slowly lower ourselves to the ground. After we had gained some experience, we had the challenge to go half way down and then swap shoes with our partners, then continue to the ground! Charlotte and I made it! After we had wolfed down lunch, we had the giant swing to look forward to! The final activity of the weekend was ‘survivor’: in teams of six we had to build a shelter out of all we could scavenge in the woods; some rope, some bits of string and one sheet of tarpaulin. After twenty minutes we had built a shelter with the added bonus of a garden, a mini playground and our fabulous washing line!

It was sad to say but our PGL trip had come to an end and it was time to wave the leaders and Liddington goodbye! We had so much fun at PGL and we really hope that next year’s Thirds enjoy it as thoroughly as we did!

By Roshy (IIIK)


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