The USA-Barbados Sports Tour 2019
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During the summer of 2019 we headed off to Washington DC for the start of the USA- Barbados Sports Tour as a group of UVs and LVIs. This had been a trip which we had been looking forward to for months and for my year group in particular, the anticipation helped us to survive GCSEs. We began the tour with a few days of sightseeing in Washington, enjoying 30°C heat and the beautiful architecture that the city had to offer.

As we drove to Maryland for our first set of lacrosse matches, we were inundated with flood warnings. It was definitely an interesting experience transferring 30 people from the hotel to our coach with only four umbrellas! We arrived in Baltimore and hopped straight off the coach onto the lacrosse pitch at the US Lacrosse Headquarters. We narrowly lost our first game 8-9 but we had a fantastic time at the pizza tailgate afterwards, exchanging British and American slang with the other team and asking them all about American high school. We also had the privilege of a tour around the US Lacrosse Museum, learning all about the history of the game. We travelled to Towson University the next day for a specialist coaching clinic on shooting and dodging from some Women’s Pro Lacrosse League players. Next we played NXT, a very strong team which included players who were 2-3 years older than us. After quite a substantial loss (we blamed the heat!) we decided to mix up the teams for more of an equally matched game. This was such an exciting experience as we competed with some brilliant players and learned some new tactics along the way.

Our next two nights were spent with our host families from Moorestown High School. We spent a day discovering Philadelphia; seeing the Liberty Bell and trying our very first Philly Cheesesteaks before heading back to the High school for a match. After listening to our host families talk about their year-round 5 day a week lacrosse training programme, we decided it would be best to mix up the teams for our matches against them as well. One of the host families held an amazing pool party to say goodbye to us after our games and we really felt we were in an all-american movie.

The next day we were off to New York for a short but sweet visit around the city. After an extortionate amount of shopping, we boarded a flight to Barbados the next morning (at the ungodly hour of 3AM!) Our time in Barbados was a bit of a whirlwind. We explored the island on a safari tour, stayed in a beautiful hotel right on the beach and ate our body weight in traditional Bajan macaroni and cheese. Alongside the relaxation, we split into our three netball teams and played three matches each. All of the teams won at least one match, with the first team winning all of them! On one of our last days on tour, we embarked on a Catamaran Cruise where we enjoyed snorkelling with turtles, spotting Rihanna’s holiday home and getting just a little bit sunburnt.

By the end of the tour we had definitely bonded hugely as a team and I think everyone would agree that it was an experience of a lifetime and one that none of us will ever forget. 

By Libby (LVIH)

Please enjoy our video of the highlights below. 

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