The Penelopiad

Having never been involved in Drama at LEH, I was excited (if a little nervous!) about joining the Lower Sixth play. I can now easily say, it has not been a choice I have in any way regretted. The past three months have been absolutely incredible. The Penelopiad, written by Margaret Atwood, has been a whirlwind experience, both in rehearsals and performance. The fast pace of the play has made it truly unique to bring to life.

One of the most enjoyable parts of this experience was the freedom that Miss Torrent gave us. It felt as though it was a truly collaborative project, with everyone contributing. Rehearsals ended in laughter more often than not. From “drunken” ballads, to forgotten lines and missing props, rehearsals were great fun for everyone involved. Being able to only perform to a few staff members and students in L6, whilst knowing other people were watching via a livestream, was a rather strange experience. It was eerie gazing out into the audience, and only seeing faces behind masks dotted around the theatre. Nevertheless, we all felt the buzz from being able to finally perform to a live audience.

None of this would have been possible without Miss Torrent, Mr Spry and the rest of the Drama Department. Miss Torrent’s endless patience, enthusiasm and joy allowed this all to go ahead in only three months, and all the cast would love to say a massive thank you to her! If you missed the livestream of the performance, remember to check out the recording that is released at the beginning of the holidays. Enjoy!

By Sophie (L6J)

Photography by Big Image