The Girl Writes
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On 8th March 15 students from U4-U6 celebrated International Women’s Day by taking part in the launch of ‘…the girl writes’, a continuation of Write the Girl which aims to support the next generation of female playwrights. The day included a series of workshops led by professional playwrights as well as opportunities to pick their brains about careers in the Theatre. The girls learnt everything from structuring plot to creating characters and writing comedy. I think all would agree it was a fantastic day:


In the course of the day, I learnt several things about ways in which you should structure a play. As well as this, I learnt that sometimes the most effective way of coming up with a plot is to strip it back to its most basic form - this is something I had never heard about before, and will hopefully incorporate it into future playwriting I do.  – Diya (UV)

I really enjoyed meeting a variety of writers. Although I am quite inexperienced, the writers were not in any way patronising. They were friendly and completely involving. It was also very nice to work with other years in the workshops, as it produced a disparity of ideas and play recommendations.- Amy (UV)

I liked the interactive, informal nature of the workshops, for example the activities we did in the comedy one. They weren’t too lengthy or short - one hour was a good time - and all the playwrights were clear and informative about their topics. – Lucy (UV)

Overall [the day was] really interesting and I definitely have a better idea about how to go about play writing. All the workshops I went to were really informative, clearly presented and engaging. – Aisha-Jane (UV)

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