The Crucible
  • Drama
  • Hampton

When the LEH and Hampton School play was announced, I was apprehensive about auditioning, but excitement overcame my initial hesitations. I have thoroughly enjoyed drama at LEH in my four years here so far, so I was looking forward to being part of another fantastic production. Being my first play with the boys from Hampton School, I was very excited to work with their incredible drama staff and talented students, and it was a new and interesting cast dynamic I found very beneficial. Admittedly, taking on a play as complex as The Crucible was quite a daunting prospect at first, however our cast was eager to bring Arthur Miller’s incredible writing to life. From the day of the first audition, I knew the play was going to be amazing, due to all the talented actors and directing team involved.

The rehearsal process flew by, and before we knew it opening night had arrived. Some of my favourite memories of the show include the Sunday rehearsals we spent chatting over pizza in between scenes. I think my favourite moment was one of the last rehearsals, in which we ‘speed-ran’ the entire show. We had done fast paced runs of the acts previous to this, however this particular rehearsal was spent frantically running around the stage stumbling over lengthy paragraphs of old-fashioned, strangely worded text at double speed, in order to drill the blocking of the play into our memories. I also loved the evenings before the performances, spent anxiously tying and re-tying headscarves backstage, and some rather strange show rituals the whole cast swore by.

After a rapid rehearsal process, we made it to opening night. After an unfortunate turn of events due to the good old British weather, our first show was cancelled. I have to admit at first we were all rather disappointed, but in the end this only motivated us further to channel all we had into the Friday night. Both performances were so much fun, and I believe we really bonded as a cast over those few days. The last performance of the show was emotional, and we all huddled backstage afterwards, reassuring a cast reunion was soon to follow.

All in all, the production of the Crucible was an amazing experience, and I really enjoyed every moment, from long hours spent running scenes repeatedly to pre-show jitters, and anxiously going over lines moments before entering the stage. The whole cast and crew were incredible, and I’d like to thank Mrs Moore, Miss Barnes, Charlotte (LVIA) and the entire cast and crew for creating such a wonderful experience that will be a highlight of my time at LEH.

By Ally (LVQ)

All images by Big Image Photography