Taylor Swiftologues
  • Drama
  • Senior

In the first Middle School Drama Club of the Summer Term, Third and LIV pupils created their own Taylor Swiftologues. Choosing their favourite Taylor Swift song, pupils created a dramatic monologue using the song lyrics, a bit of costume and lots of confidence! Please take a look at Tilly, Zahra, Esme, Claudia and Leila’s bold renditions of such songs as ‘You Need to Calm Down’ and Ms Bedford’s favourite ‘Shake It Off’ (many a LIV pupil has had to warm up to this in their live Drama lessons!). This week Miss Torrent has been teaching our Drama clubbers a dance from ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and next week, Miss Guttner has some playwriting fun in store! It’s not too late to join the club...just send Ms Bedford an email. Enjoy!