Socially distant Team Building for the new Thirds
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Joining a new school is always a daunting experience, but starting LEH Senior School during a pandemic meant that for our new Thirds, the much anticipated three days away at PGL wasn't an option. However, LEH rose to the challenge and arranged a socially distanced Team Building Day in October. The pupils made the most of the opportunity to be out of the classroom, to hone their problem solving skills and to find new friends. Sophie (3L) wrote the LEH award winning poem below sharing her experiences of the day.


Team building day

Team building was a day to remember,

Every minute was full of fun.

Long- term friends were always being made,

Until the day was completely done.


The day involved different and unique tasks.

From first aid to tent making,

Spear throwing and fire burning.

But best of all was marshmallow baking.


The instructors were encouraging,

Talkative, informative and keen.

But best of all were the happy girls.

Enjoying a change to the school routine.


Even though it was a bit chilly,

We were dressed appropriately and warm.

We were successful in building a tent,

To save us from the imaginary storm.


First aid taught me loads of new facts,

But firstly to assess for dangers.

Working together as a team,

With people who used to be strangers.


A task involved using flint and steel,

To make a crackling fire.

We chatted happily between us

Whilst the flames were getting higher.


COVID may have stopped original plans,

As PGL didn’t take place.

But that didn’t stop LEH thirds,

From making our team building day really ace.


A school day with no lessons,

Instead a timetable full of games.

We learnt a lot of memorable skills,

With the ultimate goal of learning new names.


Friends are so important,

As they accompany us along the way.

Supporting us through challenges,

With words of wisdom and smiles everyday.


By Sophie (3L)


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