Slapton Ley - LVI Geography
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In the LEH car park at 7:30 am, 14 of the Lower Sixth Geographers embarked on a four day residential trip to Slapton Ley in Devon. After the six hour drive we arrived to find a composting toilet and some dinner. Never had we seen a more sustainable place, with the home-grown food, geothermal energy, biomass fuel, and rain water recycling. Within 10 minutes, we had met our tutor, Simon, who we soon discovered was a legend. We then proceeded to hike down to a spectacular glacial landform, where we collected data and investigated Solifluction. The day ended with a breathtaking sunset and a gruelling trek up the hillside, where we tried our best to avoid all the sheep poo!

On the second day we investigated two nearby towns for factors such as safety and accessibility, interviewing local people who we came across and we were all surprised how friendly they were. We finished off the day with a delicious roast dinner (amazing Yorkshire puddings)!

On the third day it was time for the water cycle. After breakfast and a recap with Simon we headed to Slapton Forests, which was a much steeper walk than we thought it was going to be. After a short break back at the study centre we went to a farm cafe to enjoy some of the lovely, traditional Devon scones and tea. On the last day we studied the carbon cycle and after recapping the topic in the classroom we practised our tree hugging skills in another forest. We were all relieved when we got back on the coach for the long journey home after a hard working few days. Overall it was a very successful trip in giving us insight into our upcoming NEAs.

By the LVI Geographers

  • LEH Sixth Form