Salamanca - UV Spanish
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‘Comer un poco, beber un poco, hablar un poco’, was the advice given to us by our guide before the 12 of us set out on our tapas tour where we visited 3 tapas restaurants in the centre of Salamanca. However, it proved extremely difficult to only eat ‘un poco’ during the remainder of our trip as we were surrounded by some extremely tempting dishes!

Despite having 4 hours of classes per day, we still managed to take part in a wide variety of exciting and immersive activities and experiences which helped us understand Spanish culture better and were also extremely fun. These included a tour of the lovely city; some flamenco lessons which we all thoroughly enjoyed despite perhaps not all being born dancers; a cathedral tour where we experienced the only rain for the entire week but nonetheless was very interesting and finally a chance to cook some of our own tapas which we loved because we got to eat them too! Alongside all of these experiences, we were also given a good deal of free time which we mainly spent in the Plaza Mayor which was especially beautiful while the sun was shining but also in the evenings when all the lights had been turned on.

All 10 students that went on this amazing trip came back with new friends, a newfound confidence in speaking Spanish and very satisfied stomachs! 

By Karmena (UVS)