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Performing in Return to the Forbidden Planet has been a real high-point this year! Since rehearsals blasted off in July it has been an action-packed term, full of great fun with a brilliant cast. Together we sang and danced our way through many numbers, even on roller-skates. We tackled some of the greatest soliloquies ever written with gusto, loving the fusion of sci-fi and Shakespeare! Although it required a huge amount of energy, the cast and teachers supported each other the whole way through, creating an enthusiastic and jolly atmosphere. We could not have performed without their unfailing optimism and enthusiasm. 

The week of the show was a whirlwind. Each show was exhilarating, taking the audience on a mission through space, in which we encountered ‘monsters from the Id’, a robot and even a space gorgon! For five evenings we were kitted out with fluorescent wigs and space-suits, helped by an incredible costume team. The set and lights were managed by the tech-club’s genius, giving us a great set of effects which included three enormous green tentacles that attacked the ship’s science officer. Our audiences enjoyed the sixties tunes including ‘Great Balls of Fire’ when some very glitzy asteroids came raining down on us! We celebrated our achievements as a cast, but many of the Upper Sixth were saddened that they had experienced their last LEH-Hampton musical. What a show to go out on!

By Flora (UVIF)

All photography by Big Image

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Full cast taking a bow
Workers on board the spaceship
cast performing on rollerskates
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