Researching Regeneration at the Olympic Park
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On 21st of September, the UV Geography students visited East Village in Stratford, Olympic Park, as research and fieldwork for a regenerated area. The purpose of this trip was to assess the sustainability of a regenerated area, and how the environmental quality, job opportunities, and community friendly services have improved. When we were there, we were guided around the town and made sure to fill in all our sources of data collection. These included a service tally, pedestrian observations, an environmental quality survey and a questionnaire for the public and locals living in East Village. We then accumulated our results and compared them to the Egan Wheel, a guide for assessing the sustainability of a city or town. Despite being cold, we managed to collect enough data to deduce that the changes to East Village were without a doubt majorly positive. After all our hard work in the cold, we were rewarded with a trip down the worlds tallest and longest slide, the Arcelormittal Orbit, which stands at 114m tall. We all managed to get down in one piece and on the way home took the same route as the journey there where we passed through high end roads like Park Lane and Pall Mall, and saw iconic features like the Ritz Hotel. After a 12 hour day we were all exhausted but still had an amazing time.

By Hannah (UVP)

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