Public Speaking Competition
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Should school start at 10am for teenagers? Should mobile phones be banned in schools? Should plastics be banned in schools? 

These are the questions UII pupils have been debating over the past two weeks. All pupils went on to draft their own persuasive speech based on the question they felt most passionate about. Well done to Lora, Simi, Jia Ying, Sylvie, Leila and Maya T who delivered clear, eloquent and highly persuasive speeches in assembly. Congratulations to Lora and Maya (UII) who were selected to represent LEH at the next stage of the competition at Rowan Preparatory School along with Japji and Savannah (LII).

On 18th June at Rowan Prep, Lora was the Runner-Up from the Year 6s in the competition, and congratulations to Japji who gave a speech on ‘Why mobile phones should be banned in school’ and was awarded First Prize overall in the competition.  Well done to everyone who took part. 

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