Two LEH students standing on steps of The Royal Society
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On 25th April, two of our top Physicists, Michelle (LVID) and Ramandeep (LVIC), attended the Royal Society by special invitation.  The Royal Society is the oldest, and most prestigious, national scientific institution in the world. In front of the country’s best Physics students, professors, teachers and other dignitaries Michelle and Ramandeep took to the stage to accept the top Gold Certificate and book prizes from the British Physics Olympiad (BPhO). The awards were given in recognition of their excellent AS Experimental Project which investigated “Soap Film Surfaces and Bubbles”. Every year the BPhO committee sets students across the UK an interesting practical problem.  Competing teams undertake independent research using common household and school equipment to plan and undertake an open-ended investigation.  The completed research must be written up in the style of an academic paper and submitted, by the deadline, to the BPhO office. 

Prizes are only awarded to students that submit outstanding papers.  But Michelle and Ramandeep went further: they were the very best team in their category, and have thus proven themselves to be superb experimentalists.  The BPhO has also reserved the right to publish their project on its website.

By Mr Brittain - Teacher of Physics

Two LEH students standing on steps of The Royal Society
Michelle collecting award on stage
collecting award on stage
tour of THe Royal Society