Nicole Line workshop
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The Art Department staff and Sixth Form A level art students were thrilled to take part in a printing workshop this Monday, lead by Nicole Line, artist and textiles tutor, using the department’s exciting new heat press. The day was both fascinating and enjoyable; we learnt so many new techniques all thanks to Nicole’s demonstrations and help throughout, allowing us all to produce a wealth of successful and innovative prints. These new skills are especially valuable considering their transferability to our future projects/career paths and some, including myself, were able to use the work they had produced for their A level projects!

Personally, I loved learning the technique of foiling the most. Having printed our beautifully vibrant designs, we added glue to certain parts of the compositions. Once dried, heat pressing the textiles with various metallic foils lent the bold prints some stylish intricacy when peeled back off the fabric. Despite all following the same methods, everyone produced very unique work with their own personal flair. This demonstrated to us the diversity of the techniques we learnt and definitely left me curious to explore them further as a consequence.

By Emily (LVIC)

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