Nicole Line Art Workshop
  • Art
  • Enrichment
  • Sixth Form

On 21st and 22nd June, A level Art students took part in a Nicole Line workshop, in which we explored experimental line, fashion design, screen-printing, flocking, and foiling. For many students, these techniques were new and we had so much fun trying them in such a spontaneous manner, and in a stress-free environment. Nicole’s guidance allowed us to create personal work, aided by the benefit of her experience. For those of us deciding what course we would like to take at university, exploring new and varied techniques allows us to find out what we love, and Nicole’s experimental methods inspired us to create expressive work, in a completely different way to how we usually do. We learnt to challenge our perfectionism, and step outside of our comfort zone. Many thanks to Nicole for her amazing workshop!

By Amy (L6G)

  • LEH Art