NASA International Hackathon
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During the first weekend of October, a group from L6, team Nebulous Coders (Rei, Charlotte, Amelie, Thalia, Ingrid and Alice) and a group from L5, team Attack on ZombieCats (Sunny, Lina, Anna, Mathumita) participated in NASA’s global hackathon. 

The event involved developing a solution to one of the suggested problems which were to do with space travel and exploration. Both groups decided to tackle the problem of designing a sleep shift scheduling tool. 

The L6 group brainstormed ideas about possible factors to consider, and what the inputs and outputs of their program needed to be. They collaborated on coding the solution to their chosen problem, completing the project page on the NASA space apps website. This involved describing how their solution addressed the challenge, how they designed their solution, using NASA data. They also had to record a short demonstration of their program. The experience was very beneficial, as they learned how to effectively manage their time, and how to come up with solutions to rather complex problems in a short period of time. The event was a success and they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

By Mr El Moudden – Teacher of Computer Science

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