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As the cast of  Matilda stepped into M1 for their first rehearsal in February, the atmosphere was massively enthusiastic. As it turned out, this is exactly what made the experience so enjoyable. We would leave school from every single rehearsal happy, tired, buzzing, and humming the new song we had learnt. We started learning the choreography to go with songs, and as a result, the coaches on the way home would be filled with the sound of one song or another, sung by the slightly hyper cast of Matilda. 

As show week approached, the number of weeks left silently slipped far too quickly from 3 to 2 to 1, and then only half a week! We were fast approaching peak excitement. Everyone was desperately trying to do the last bit of line learning, and memorise their songs. Throughout LEH, soft hums and notes of the tunes could be caught flowing through the air, as Matilda became the next big thing in everyone’s calendars. It was utterly thrilling!

On Monday everyone came into school super excited to do our first ever proper dress rehearsal. Our excitement only increased when some of our classmates came to watch us during our practices! In between scenes, everybody scrambled about backstage trying to change in time, but the more we rehearsed, the quicker everything began to slot into place and run smoothly. We were ready for our first show night!

Show week was a dream. Everything onstage ran pretty much as close as we would get to perfect, and when someone made a minor mistake, everyone else helped cover for them. And as soon as you came offstage, you would be confronted by people giving you frantic thumbs-ups, hugging you, and giving you high-fives. We felt like one big community, one big family.

One of my favourite quotes from Matilda is ‘even if you’re little, you can do a lot’, which I think is completely true. However, we sometimes do need a little help, or even a lot, which is why we need to thank: the tech crew, the band, the make-up and hair people, Eloise Davies, Mr Spry, Miss Darwood, Mr Ashe, and most of all Miss Torrent and Miss Redman for making the show such a wonderful experience. On behalf of the entire cast, thank you.

 By Eliza Bozwell-Kerr (3L)

Photography by Big Image

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