LV French Exchange
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During the Easter holidays, 20 girls visited Paris as part of the French Exchange programme. Having taken the Eurostar from London, we arrived at the Gare du Nord to meet the families we would be staying with for the week and we were all very excited but nervous as well!

Over the course of the week, while our exchange partners were at school, we had an amazing experience exploring Paris during the day, which included visiting some beautiful monuments such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower and the Musée d’Orsay. We also loved our trip to Disneyland and the boat ride down the Seine! Paris is an amazing city.

We all spent the evenings and the weekend with our exchanges and their families who made us feel very welcome, and introduced us to their culture during our stay. We had lots of fun spending time with our French families over the weekend, where we got to immerse ourselves in their life. Although at times it was difficult to communicate, over the course of the week we all felt that our French had greatly improved, and we are all so excited for our exchanges to visit us in May.

By Ellen (LVS)