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The gala on 25th January was a momentous occasion. We invited 10 schools to bring their swimming teams to LEH to experience a big competition and the chance to prepare for the Richmond Borough gala which is fast approaching.

What made the night particularly special was that the Automatic Timing System, so generously donated by the Friends of LEH, was put into action for the very first time. This system has many advantages, but it enables spectators in the Gateway viewing area to see the electronic timing board. This tells them which race is about to begin followed by the finish times and placing. The girls enjoyed seeing the new starting system and all performed amazingly well, with our UII freestyle relay team storming down the pool all under 17secs each. The small group of LEH swimmers exceeded expectation and it was a wonderful introduction to swimming competitions for Rosy and Fifi in Form I.

Special thanks go to all the Junior staff who helped, namely Mrs Allden who was a whizz on the computer, Mrs Bass, Mr Miller and Mrs Sehgal and of course to all our amazingly supportive parents who came along and gave assistance.

By Mrs Lyne – Teacher of PE

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