LII Animate 'Journey to the River Sea'
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On Animation Day LII pupils brought their class-reading book ‘Journey to the River Sea’ to life during Animation Day. A busy morning was spent creating the backgrounds and characters for their movies. In the afternoon, working as a team, LII set to work with their iPads. With 12 frames making up one second of film they worked hard to take over 300 pictures in the 90 minutes of filming. After half term, LII will link all the clips together in Computing lessons to produce their individual movies. Thank you to Mrs Allden and our ICT department for a great animation workshop experience.

Animation day was really fun especially when we made our animation. I found that the animating was harder that I thought. I also enjoyed making the backdrops and the characters. Yilan (LIIH)

Animation day was great fun? I loved making the backdrop with Maya and I was very happy about doing the sea. I have learnt about slow motions and how to use this app. We learnt about teamwork and how to work equally. Overall I was very happy. Sara (LIIH)

The actual animating part was fun. It was a great experience. Anya (LIIE)

I learnt how to make a really cool type of filming and how you do it is simple. You move a character ever so slightly, take a picture, move it again etc. Charlotte (LIIE)

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