LEH U12 Football Team 2019
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The football club at LEH is a great place to go and practice and learn skills with healthy competition in a fun environment. There is a wide range of abilities, from beginners who want to try something new, to more experienced players who want to practice and excel in their skills. The club is run for the Middle School year groups (years 7, 8 & 9) and one of the best parts about the football club is being able to play matches against other schools, which creates an exciting atmosphere for girls to learn and excel. This year LEH played their first competitive match against TASIS school, and it was also the first ever football match for some of the players. LEH played extremely well, scoring their first goal and winning the game 1 - 0. The girls were very excited and happy with what they had achieved as a team. Football Club is only in its first year but already it is competitive, and as new IIIrds come into the Senior School, we hope that it will become a common thing to see girls out on the football pitch. Aside from the skills aspect, it is a great way to improve teamwork and collaboration. The girls at football club learn how to play as a team and trust in their teammates which are life skills that everyone must have.

By Orla (IIIU)

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LEH U12 Football Team 2019
LEH U12 Football Team 2019 vs TASSIS