LEH Physicists Show their Skill
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This year our amazingly committed and talented UVI LEH Physicists really showed the world what they’re made of:

The Physics Challenge (formerly the A2 Challenge), coordinated by the British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) team, is based on the common curriculum for Year 13 students. Only one medal position is available with this competition - it is all or nothing. Our students held their heads high and entered the exam room with confidence and determination: gladiators entering the arena for an intense hour of battle! The Physics Department is very pleased to announce that whilst both Kiyani (UVIJ) and Emma’s (UVIJ) performances were highly respectable - Michelle (UVID) managed to walk away with a “Merit”, the top prize!

For Round 1 of the British Physics Olympiad’s signature competition, we had six noble LEH entrants. This is made up of two gruelling, back to back, 1hr and 40 minute papers, consisting of a set of short answer and several long answer thematic questions. The very best students in the country are expected to achieve just 70-80% in the BPhO, but considerably lower scores can still display a profound depth of development and skill in the subject. About 2100 UK and 1300 Chinese students participated this year. Aria (UVIE), Freya (UVIG), Eugenie (UVIC) and Kiyani all received Commendations, while Emma and Michelle were both in the high achieving 16% that received a Bronze II medal. This paper presents a very tall ladder of skill, ability and preparedness which students climb until they grind to a halt. Participation itself reflects strongly upon the interest and determination of these LEH students to tackle even the hardest Physics problems.

The performance of our students in these competitions highlights, once again, the talent and achievement of our fantastic Physicists, who continue to perform to the highest national standards!

By Mr Brittain - STEM Co-ordinator and teacher of Physics

Past paper questions and answers can be found on the BPhO website.