LEH Physicists: Rocket to the Top
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LEH’s Physicists have once again scooped medals in the GCSE Physics Challenge. This is one of the most exacting competitions offered by the British Physics Olympiad organizers. It requires a great deal of clear thinking and perseverance. At this time of year, the UV are under a tremendous amount of pressure to complete their courses successfully and prepare for their exams. Their time is precious. This gives some context to the achievements of these young Physicists.  Students that step forward when there are so many other demands on their time and energy, demonstrate all of the admirable qualities we find in role model LEH girls.

The Challenge consists of a single, one-hour paper which includes multiple-choice and short answer sections that aim to test students’ knowledge and understanding of physical principles.

The Physics Department are very pleased to announce that three members of the team: Sophie (UVR), Francesca (UVP), and YooJin (UVQ) were all highly Commended.

We are also delighted to report that that three of our entrants reached medal positions: Zaynah (UVQ) and Zara (UVS) received Bronze II certificates, (top 16.5%), whilst Amelia (UVP) was awarded a Silver certificate, (top 11.1%)!

This is an outstanding achievement, which stands as testament to the determination, intelligence and commitment of every one of LEH’s amazing GCSE Physicists!

By Mr Brittain - Teacher of Physics