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This term ten amazingly committed and talented LVI LEH Physicists undertook the AS Challenge competition coordinated by the British Physics Olympiad team. The AS Challenge is an exciting opportunity for students to stretch their lateral thinking skills and apply fundamental physical principles to novel situations. It consists of a single, one-hour paper that provides an excellent platform from which students can push their abilities beyond the confines of the A level specification. The questions are a mixture of thought-provoking multiple choice questions and short answer problems that test both subject knowledge and application. The Physics department are very pleased to announce that Aria (LVIE), Eugenia (LVIC), Freya (LVIG), Victoria (LVIG), Ramandeep (LVIC) and Alice (LVID) were all highly Commended.  We are also delighted to report that that four of our entrants reached medal positions: Emma (LVIJ) and Hrisha (LVIH) received Bronze II certificates, (top 18.9%), whilst Amber (LVIK) and Michelle (LVID) were both awarded Bronze I certificates, (top 15.1%).  This is an excellent out result. It is wonderful that the talent and achievements of our fantastic LEH Physicists has once again been recognised in a national competition!

Can you answer these example problems from the AS Challenge?

  1. Approximately how many atoms are there in a typical course grain of sand found on a beach?
  2. A beaker of water sits on a top pan balance. What happens to the reading on the scale when a student sticks her finger in the water?
  3. As the Moon orbits the Earth, the same face of the Moon always points towards the Earth. Because of this, the Moon is said to be “tidally locked” to the Earth. The far side of the Moon is often called the dark side of the Moon. Explain why the phrase “dark side of the Moon” is misleading.

By Mr Brittain - Teacher of Physics

4 students in PHysics lab sat at table