LEH Junior Sport makes a come back
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We have had another brilliant week in PE with the girls thriving in both their lessons and at extra-curricular.

It has been great to see the girls back in the pool and loving their swimming lessons again. As always, we have timed the girls to record their progress and have been so impressed with their efforts despite the majority of girls not swimming for a substantial about of time. Mrs Seghal will be going through these times and will hand out the swimming awards by the end of the term.

The girls have also loved getting back into their netball and have demonstrated superb energy and enthusiasm on the courts. The girls work on their balls skills over lockdown has definitely pulled off and lots of them have already made vast improvement. We hope to put this into practice by playing some competitive games later in the term.

Gymnastics has taken off with a bang with the girls enjoying their class lessons and extra-curricular clubs, with more numbers than ever attending the year group bubble sessions. For now, there will be no trials or squad selection as we want to concentrate on participation for all whilst there are no competitions coming up.

We look forward to continuing our busy and varied PE curriculum throughout the year!

By Mrs Dunckley - Head of Junior Sport

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