LEH CCF on Parade at the Lord Mayor's show
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This Remembrance Day, Saturday 11th November, 27 cadets and three staff members from our LEH CCF contingent travelled to Central London to participate in the annual Lord Mayor’s Show. Firstly, a two minute silence was held for everyone in the parade to pay our respects to those who had passed away in the world wars. The course consisted of a 5km (just over three mile) procession along the roads of London, where thousands of members of the public lined the streets to support the hundreds of people taking part. The experience was greatly enjoyed by all of our cadets and staff who were involved. It was truly amazing to see how many contingents participated. All of the hard work that the cadets put into training really paid off and we were able to enjoy the marching, bands and company! 

By LCpl Danesi and Cpl Sagar (U5) - LEH CCF Cadets

Watch the parade - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m001sg4n  LEH appear behind the Mayor at 44 minutes in.