L2 PGL Trip
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The Lower 2 pupils had a fantastic couple of days at PGL Marchant’s Hill, trying a wide range of activities testing both their mental acuity and physical prowess! The weather was beautiful as the four groups enjoyed climbing, zip lining, orienteering, raft building, problem solving and scaling the towering Jacob’s Ladder. Well done girls!

By Mr Hopkins - Teacher of L2


The L2 PGL Trip by Tara (L2)

How would you like to spend two sunny days? Did I hear you say PGL? Exactly, that's just the right idea. On 9th and 10th June, L2 went to PGL (the founder's name) for a two day field trip. 

What we did?

When we arrived, the first thing that we got to know was which group we were in and also which teacher was leading that group.  Next we found out what activities we were doing and get right to it. 

First we did raft building. Everyone had a rather jolly good time building the raft and getting it ready to row. 

However most people enjoyed jumping or falling into the river. Did you know the river had baby tadpoles?

Moving on to the next activity, everyone got a try at the challenge course and almost found the secret site. 

Problem solving gave us all a chance to work together and communicate.

On the second day, we started with Zip wire and we all starting running like chickens when we were about to land. My most favourite activity was rock climbing. 

Secret: We all tried rifle shooting and got the bullseye!

Thank you to the bus drivers for getting us there and back. Thank you Mr Hopkins and Mrs Kent-Skorsepova for organising the trip. We all had the time of our lives. 

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