Junior Weekly Roundup - 7th June 2024
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I hope that you enjoyed the half-term, your daughters certainly seem well rested and full of energy for the last leg of the summer term! Although the Arts Festival may now feel like a distant memory, I would like to say a big thank you to all the Junior School pupils and staff for all their hard work in the lead up to and on the day. Special thanks to Mrs Yates who coordinated the festival and ensured everyone was in the right place at the right time! It was a fabulous team effort, and we know how much the pupils and staff enjoyed the day – we hope you did too!  

We hit the ground running this week with a very exciting first day back, as we welcomed pupils and teachers from LEH Foshan (Prep). Our visitors enjoyed their lessons with Mrs Wright, Mrs Chippendale and Mrs Robbins, as well as lunch and playtimes with the rest of the Junior School. The sports fields and playground were a big hit with our visitors, reminding us all how fortunate we are to have such fantastic outdoor space. The visit was a great success, and both schools gained so much from the experience. In fact, the girls have already asked me when we can visit Foshan!  

We were very pleased to welcome Dr Niall McCann back to the Junior School on Wednesday morning to talk about overcoming adversity. Niall is a National Geographic explorer and a member of the Brecon Beacons Mountain Rescue Team, who has been leading multi-disciplinary endurance expeditions to remote and hostile environments for over 20 years. He rowed across the Atlantic Ocean and skied across a number of icecaps before breaking his back while speed flying in the Brecon Beacons eight years ago. This did not stop him and after lengthy rehabilitation he recently planned and completed the well documented Vatnajökull Ice Cap Paraplegic Challenge. Having spoken across the country, notably at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, about his journey and his challenges, he was able to stop off in TW12 to talk to the children about the thrill of taking on a challenge. Thank you to Mr Miller for organising Niall's visit. We certainly feel very fortunate to have heard from Niall in person, and I know it will leave a lasting impression on pupils and staff. 

Also, this week, L2 enjoyed a day out at Brooklands Museum, Form 1 pupils took part in a weather and volcanoes workshop and all pupils had a chance to put their engineering skills to the test in the House STEM challenge.  

Finally, good luck to our swim team who are heading to the London Aquatics Centre on Saturday to compete in the finals of the IAPS national competition. How exciting! 

In the Spotlight... 

L2 Science - Brooklands Museum 

On Monday, the children enjoyed a trip to Brooklands Museum, the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation. The day started with a Downhill Racers workshop where the children tested cars they had built on Brooklands very own car test slope. This involved identifying which forces were acting on the cars, what might slow them down and what might make them even more efficient. We then moved on to tour the Museum, looking at upthrust and how planes manage to stay in the air. The children were able to go on a range of London buses, in a variety of planes and even a Vickers Wellington bomber from World War 2. To finish the trip, we boarded Brookland’s very own Concorde. Finding out that the outside of a Concorde would heat up to around ninety degrees Celsius during a flight because of the friction between the plane and the air passing by it. Pretty impressive at 55,000 feet! 

By Mr Miller 

F1 Weather and Seasons Workshop 

Form 1 pupils had a lot of fun imaging that they were travelling around the world to visit various locations in their Weather and Climates workshop. They learned lots of topic vocabulary and discussed how climate change impacts daily life.   


U2 Computing 

U2 took over the hall this week for their computer lessons. Some pupils worked with the microbits in our move motors whilst others worked with the Spheros. Pupils had fun coding the Spheros to run through mazes that they had designed. 

F1 Computing  

F1E were the first class to learn to program our new Artie 3000 coding robot which was kindly bought for us by The Friends. In lessons pupils have been looking at sequences of code that draw regular shapes. So today everyone tried to write the code to make Artie draw a square. We are looking forward to spending more time with Artie! 

By Mrs Allden 


We had an exciting start to the half term with a L2 Softball and Cricket tournament at Kingston Grammar School. The girls had a fantastic day and enjoyed all their matches, showing fantastic batting and fielding skills throughout. 

Well done to all the girls involved! 

Cricket Report 

On Tuesday, the 4th of June 10 L2 pupils, travelled to play a softball cricket tournament at Kingston Grammar School (KGS). We played three different schools at the tournament. We had the best time and we learnt so much from each other about bowling, batting and fielding. Overall, we came third out of all the four schools. We all had an amazing time, but this would never have happened without Mrs Harding, so many thanks to her for planning this amazing trip. 

By Tamira  

This half term in our lessons, we are doing tennis and cricket in our lessons. In tennis, we will learn about the different shots and the fundamentals such as footwork and the rules. In cricket, we will develop the girls' batting and fielding skills and put this into practice in a game setting. During our swimming lessons, we will continue to develop the girls' stroke technique and speed and a lesson on water safety and lifesaving skills. 

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