Junior Weekly Roundup - 22nd March 2024
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This term has been a whirlwind of activities and memorable highlights. From the fabulous U2 production and the innovation-filled STEM fair to the excitement of Science Week, we have enjoyed varied and fun-filled enrichment opportunities in school. We have also celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week, World Book Day, L2 Animation Day, and embraced the dramatics of Shakespeare Week. Pupils have been busy taking part in assemblies and House events as well as outings to The Globe Theatre, Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Hounslow, Hampton Court and Painshill Park. The two musical recitals this week were delightful and served as a testament to the hard work of pupils both in school and at home. The girls have also participated in our wide range of clubs and sports this term, showcasing achievements in swimming, netball, gymnastics, cross-country, and football. Well done, Junior School pupils and staff! 

School Council and Mrs Keightley organised two very successful fundraising events this term; the sponsored reading challenge and the secondhand sale. Thank you to School Council, Mrs Keightley, pupils and parents for supporting our school charity events, your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

Finally, a big thank you to all our girls, their teachers and our non-teaching staff who have worked so hard this term and thank you to all our LEH families for your continued support. I wish you a restful Spring break and look forward to seeing you at the start of the Summer term on Tuesday 16 April. 

In the Spotlight... 

Form 1 have been enjoying learning all about map skills this term. Last Friday they worked in small groups and had lots of fun looking at the large OS maps of our area. They were very successful at finding different places on the maps and recording the grid references. They used their navigation and compass skills to help lead them to the right spot during their Easter treasure hunt this week. During the activity they learnt how to follow step-by-step instructions and that it's really important to keep metal objects away from a compass!   

By Mrs Frampton & Mrs Hurley 

Shakespeare Week 

This week, we have been joining schools around the country in celebrating one of Britain’s most famous playwrights – William Shakespeare. U2 kicked off Shakespeare Week with a fabulous whole school assembly looking at Shakespeare’s life and some of his most famous plays and characters. In Art, F1 have been working on impressive portrait collages of the playwright whilst L2 have been learning how to create cartoon characters from Shakespeare’s plays with Horrible Histories cartoonist Martin Brown. In their writing lessons, various classes have been getting to grips with old English as they create diaries from the perspective of a member of Shakespeare’s family. 

By Mrs Connor 


This week, we did our F1 PE house competition playing capture the flag. The girls showed great enthusiasm and teamwork in their houses whilst battling it out for house points. It was fantastic to see the girls showcasing the skills they have learnt throughout the year, demonstrating excellent attacking and defending play. 

We also hosted an Upper 2 Netball tournament on Monday 18th March where we invited a number of local schools to enjoy an afternoon of netball. It was a great success and amazing to see how far the girls have come along in their netball play. A huge well done to all of the U2 girls. 

This Monday, all the U2 netballers had an exciting tournament against four different schools. Everyone found it extremely fun, and the final results were outstanding! The A’s finished 3rd, the B’s finished 2nd and the C’s and D’s both played phenomenally and won their cup! I would also like to mention a massive thank you to the PE department for organising the event, especially Mrs Harding, as I know she put in a lot of time and effort into making the tournament as brilliant as it could be!  

Another special shout out to the players of the tournament who were: Jane, Grace, Evie and Mila - well done to all of these girls for standing out and playing amazing netball! 

I hope all of the younger years carry on enjoying netball, and the U2’s keep on loving it at their new Senior Schools, or doing it outside of school, because it’s so good for you and so much fun! 

Alice - Netball Captain 

L2/U2 Running Club trip to Bushy Park  

After record breaking rainfall in recent weeks sections of Bushy Park have metamorphosed into a landscape resembling the Everglades but with a myriad of paths to choose from, it wasn't too difficult to find a dry enough route for our L2/U2 Running Club annual lunchtime run.  

Rain was forecast so we had no time to lose. After a speedy warm up, the girls discarded their extra layers and we set off on our 1.6 km loop. Within seconds of leaving our picnic base, dark clouds appeared and the heavens opened but not even a heavy downpour was able to dampen everyone’s spirits. Instead of protesting, the girls were so excited, their squeals of delight almost drowned out the equally enthusiastic springtime birdsong! Minutes later the rain stopped and we were able to finish the run in sunshine. Mrs Sehgal greeted us with smiles at the finish line and we enjoyed a well deserved picnic lunch perched on a log. Thanks to Mrs Williams, Mrs Sehgal and Chloe from LEH Seniors for joining us on our outing. 

By Mrs Hanreck 

House Drama 

On Tuesday afternoon, we were excited to run our first whole school House Drama Competition. The event saw each of the houses working together to devise and rehearse a dynamic performance of a pre-chosen and learned poem. Our House Captains and Vice Captains took the lead on choreographing the performances and ensuring that they met a range of criteria including use of one item of percussion and one prop! The afternoon concluded with performances from each of the houses to the rest of the school. Our judges agreed that all houses put on an outstanding performance and should be commended for the way in which they demonstrated the school values of engagement and inclusion. This year’s winning house was St. Giles, with Hackney runners up as Highly Commended. Well done to all involved! 

By Mrs Connor 

Ramadan Assembly 

Monday's assembly was about Ramadan and the reasons Muslims choose to fast or give more, leading up to Eid. Thank you to the Upper 2 pupils who talked about how life changes for them at this time in the Islamic calendar.  

Painshill Park 

Last Thursday, F1 pupils embarked on a captivating journey through Painshill Park, immersing themselves in the art of map reading and navigation. Guided by Adam, one of Painshill park’s knowledgeable instructors, pupils learned to discern direction using natural cues, such as the position of the sun and moss on trees. Using maps, detailing the park’s intricate layout, girls embraced the challenge of map reading and deciphering the symbols, and made their way successfully from one landmark to another. Through this experience, girls not only learned about maps and navigation but also grew to appreciate the park’s natural beauty and the joy of exploring outdoors.  

By Mrs Kent-Skoršepová 


What a busy week it has been for the music department! 

On Monday and Tuesday we enjoyed our Spring Recitals with confident and polished performances from all on a range of instruments including piano, violin, clarinet, 'cello, trombone, timpani and a number of singers!   

On Wednesday U2 took part in a Gamelan workshop in which they played traditional Indonesian instruments from an assortment of gongs to the many and various metalophones. Next term they will be learning more about the Gamelan. 

Thursday was the turn for our Rock Stars to strut their stuff on stage. They entertained the lunchtime crowds with their performances of songs by Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton and Harry Styles. 

By Mr Estorninho 

Coding Club 

Everyone finished this term's coding club constructing a buggy, which they coded to move around the floor in a square. They were learning how to code the two motors independently so that their buggies turned ninety degrees. 

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