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It has been a fantastic week with our Sports Day taking place on Wednesday 23rd June. We were thrilled to still be able to have the whole school out on the field and enjoying the festivities, especially in the beautiful sunshine.

The girls did amazingly well, getting stuck into all the events and competing for their houses with enthusiasm and determination.

Well done to all the girls for their fantastic performances on the day and their sportsmanship towards one another.

The results were as follows:

F1 Skipping finals

1st Keziah Underwood: 8.56 SCHOOL RECORD

2nd Isabella Wang

3rd Liz Wu

F1 80m Finals

1st Teddy Guthrie: 11s 62

2nd Keziah Underwood: 11.65

3rd Alisa McEwan: 12.38

F1 Relay

1st St Giles

2nd Summerleigh

3rd Burlington

4th Hackney

U1 Skipping Race

1st Isabella James : 9.37 SCHOOL RECORD

2nd Isla Williams

3rd Rhythm Gala

U1 80m Finals

1st Rhythm Gala: 12s

2nd Isla Williams: 12.06s

3rd Isabella James: 12.37s

U1 Relay

1st Hackney

2nd Summerleigh

3rd St Giles

4th Burlington

100m Final

1st Rosy Connor: 15.44s

2nd Scarlett Simpson: 15.88s

3rd Emily Lim:16.13s

300m Final

1st Scarlett Simpson: 52.8s

2nd Bella Roberts: 53.26

3rd Iris Bowden-Stone: 53.53s


1st Holly Webster: 11.32m

2nd Zoe Hanreck: 11.29m

3rd Maya Rokos: 11.14m

Long Jump

1st Iris Bowden-Stone 3.33m and Rosy Connor 3.33m SCHOOL RECORD

2nd Maya Rokos: 3.25m

3rd Freya Moran: 3.14m

House Swimming Gala Results

We are also pleased to announce the final results of the House Swimming Galas which were extremely close.

Again a big well done to all the girls that competed and swam brilliantly!

1st Summerleigh: 472 points

2nd Burlington: 420 points

3rd St Giles: 418 points

4th Hackney: 412 points


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