Junior students playing on fields in sunshine
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LEH girls in the Junior School have had great success in this year’s UK Chess Challenge, the World’s Largest Chess Tournament. Around 60 children competed in the first stage, and Polina (now in IIIrds) went as far as the Megafinal, the second stage. Three girls, Joy (UIIE), Advika (UIIE), and Diya (UIE) made the Gigafinal. Nine year old Vibha (LIIH) played in the Gigafinal and now there is just one girl still in the field – eight year old Chinmyee (UIE). She will be competing on 21 and 22 September in the Terafinal being held in Daventry, Northants. You can follow her progress on chess.results.com. We wish her every success!

By Mike Basman – Teacher of Chess

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