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On 28 February, we accompanied four very ‘lively’ UII netball teams to Shrewsbury in preparation for the JCA netball tournament. This was LEH’s first junior netball tour so the excitement levels were VERY high! After a fun night of activities on Friday, the girls woke for a full day of netball on Saturday. After a lovely breakfast, the tournament commenced at 9am and play continued until 4.30pm, with a brief break for lunch. The four teams played a total of 38 matches, with some fantastic performances all round. Following on from their success at IAPS, the LEH A team aptly named team ‘Storm’ managed to win every match and as a result were tournament champions. They were delighted to bring home some shiny gold medals and a winner’s cup! This was a perfect end to a fantastic day and the girls still had the evening disco to look forward to as well as a morning of outdoor pursuits on the Sunday.

Well done everyone!

By Miss Dunckley,  Mrs Sehgal & Mrs Harding (Junior P.E. Department)


UII had a wonderful weekend at a residential JCA trip at the end of February. It was incredibly good fun and there was a wide variety of activities that we did. These activities included abseiling, trapeze, a gladiator wall, laser maze and a disco! Although the weather was not great, we had a tremendous amount of fun. It was freezing and wet but we all tried our best and played amazingly.

After the netball tournament, we eagerly waited for our final results. We were all extremely happy to find out that the A team came first in the whole tournament, not losing a single match, bringing back a trophy and 10 shiny gold medals. A big well done to everyone who participated and a humungous thank you to Miss Dunkley, Mrs Sehgal, Mrs Harding and Mrs Bass for putting in all their time and effort so that we could have fun.

By Jahanvi (UIIE)

The trip was so much fun and it was an amazing experience. My favourite activity was trapeze. Dharmini (UIIE)

The netball trip was a fantastic experience and I had a great time playing netball and doing the extremely fun activities. Anna (UIIH)

The netball trip was one of the best trips I have ever been on. The destination was amazing and the netball facilities were great too. I definitely think we should go again. Rojia (UIIE)

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