International Women’s Day in Mathematics: A Trip to The National Museum of Computing
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Last week, we had the privilege of taking our future GCSE Computer Scientists from U4 and budding L6 on an exciting excursion to Bletchley and The National Museum of Computing. The timing was serendipitous, as the trip coincided with International Women’s Day in mathematics. Our objective was clear: to explore historic innovations and forge an inclusive digital future. 

The day was filled with captivating workshops that engaged our students. From defusing virtual bombs using teamwork in VR to the enlightening session titled “Data STEMinism,” we delved into the empowering journey of women in STEM subjects. This exploration included historic statistics, shedding light on the challenges women faced and the remarkable progress they made over time. 

As we explored the museum’s exhibits, we were inspired by the contributions of women mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists. Their stories encouraged us to break barriers and champion diversity in the tech world, underscoring the significance of celebrating their achievements. 

Our students left the museum with a renewed appreciation for the role of women in shaping the digital landscape. They understood that computing & mathematics knows no gender boundaries and that inclusivity is essential for innovation. As we reflect on this memorable trip, we look forward to nurturing the next generation of Computer Scientists and trailblazers. 

By Mr Lawley - Head of Computer Science

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